about us

Gestion Lameer Inc. is a private company, owned and operated by Laurence Friedman, CPA, CA, and his three sons, Justin Friedman, Cory Friedman, CPA, and Matthew Friedman, specializing in the management of residential and commercial properties throughout the city of Montreal.

In 1996, the company established third party management services. Today, we oversee 2000+ residential apartments, in addition to several commercial real estate properties. We manage our client’s portfolio as if it were our own. We extend a full-service package to our clients residing outside of Montreal; local owners may adapt these services to their specific needs. We encourage active participation with property management; however, clients may opt to be as involved as they wish.

We also specialize in real estate acquisitions and offer our clients our full services throughout the entire purchase process which includes

preparation of offers to purchase, extensive due diligence procedures and representation at signing. We always remain active in the real estate market and are successfully putting together several deals per year.

Gestion Lameer has earned a reputation in providing quality service. We pride ourselves in maintaining long-term relationships with

our clientele. Our strength is managing properties and renting residential and commercial space to quality tenants.

Our team guarantees a complete service to provide profitable results.

Management Services

Renting Apartments

Renting apartments to reliable tenants is one of the most important aspects in property management. We look to find the most suitable tenants for the type of property being rented. We advertise your property on the internet at a very minimal cost. We interview the perspective tenant and review their application and credit report diligently. We make the necessary inquiries to validate their application. We then complete the lease and supervise the signing process.

Rental Board

Managing properties in Quebec requires you to have experience in dealing with the rental board. Knowledge of the law is required in order to use the rental board to protect the owner’s rights. We can use the rental board to take action against tenants who are consistently late. As well as those tenants who are delinquent in paying their rent or following the rules of the building.

Rent Collection

Our janitors and property managers strive to collect the rent within the first few days of each month. Deposits are made directly into your bank account within 24 hours of collection. We have implemented a system to ensure that all cash collected from tenants is handled properly and securely. An updated accounts receivables list is provided to the janitors and property managers on a regular basis. Notices to late paying tents are issued promptly. All accounts are reviewed frequently.

Financial Reporting

The owner’s background in accounting allows Lameer Management to provide detailed accounting and reporting on a timely basis. We are able to sit down with individual clients and determine exactly what their needs and requirements are. We are ale to provide financial statements that can be used for income tax reporting. We use a specialized real estate property management program, which allows us to provide a wide variety of financial reports.

Repairs and Maintenace

Lameer Management supervises short term and long term maintenance of the building. We have established excellent relationships with several different contractors in each specific field. We are able to get several quotes on any significant work. We are able to prepare and renovate an apartment quickly in order to meet the often-stringent deadlines for new tenants moving into their newly rented apartment. Lameer has contracted and supervised major repairs including the changing of the roof, lobby and hallway renovation, window replacement, heating system replacement, brick and foundation repairs and the reconstruction of an underground garage.

Emergency Line

Tenants are able to contact our company 24 hours a day through the usage of our emergency line. As well, our janitors are always able to reach us in the event of an emergency. The emergency line is directly connected to our managers while they are on the road. Tenants can expect an immediate call back from this line.